Sectoral Solutions with caniasERP

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Special Solutions for You

• Direct purchasing, outsourcing, and in-house production options

• Safety stock, minimum material purchase and minimum production level concepts

• Batch tracking option from procurement to production

• Possibility to prevent color differences with “One Batch Management”

• Standard and actual cost tracking

• Reducing idle time and semi-finished inventory through capacity planning

• Production line balancing thanks to online work orders

• Quality control criteria for all operations from start to finish - necessary action plans such as returns, rework or quality determination

• Possibility to create multiple variants such as width, weight in grams, irreversibility, color, pattern, size, quality

• Variant feature: Ease of managing inventory by preventing multiple lists of materials, material records or routing for the same product

• Detailed sample product tracking including information such as external labour, version number, designer, season, collection, list of materials and routing, images, variants (color, size, etc.)

Sectoral Solutions with caniasERP
Our special solution for you – Textile Industry

We have solutions designed according to the best methods  determined in the solutions produced by observing the needs of textile companies.
Thanks to the  flexible  structure of our enterprise resource planning product, caniasERP, which we offer with canias4.0 technologies, we gathered
the  compounds of many modules under a single structure and built a structure where users can manage their business processes much simpler and faster. Based on our experience in textile companies so far, we have gathered our special solutions for the textile sector under two main
headings: Garment / Apparel and fabric / fabric. 

There are many modules and applications in caniasERP that will facilitate the work of companies in the textile industry. We offer a fully integrated structure in which all modules and applications in the system speak to each other, as well as the GRM and CON modules, which are developed exclusively
for  your industry and offered in standard software. In the caniasERP MRP module, you can produce your orders using custom blasting methods and maximize traceability.

The product information form we developed works integrated with the Standard Cost module; so you can directly calculate your costs. Without opening a product card or creating a product tree, you can only provide some basic information to the system and create an offer directly from the product. You can manage the color management on the fabric side with the product trees module and some special applications. Thus, a color recipe can be created according to the fabric lot and you can follow up. You can also monitor the dyehouse management processes through the system and thanks to the applications we have developed for this process, the color recipes created can be directly transmitted to the machines.

For capacity planning, we set up a system that takes into account the sequential dyeing of the colors and the related boiler washes, depending on the capacity of the dyeing boilers. In summary, with caniasERP, we have prepared the flexible, integrated and fast structure that textile companies need.

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