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Our goal: sustainable business partnerships

Our Partner Program

Together with our Partners we are strong

IPC- IAS Partner Community Program strives for growth-oriented and mutual-benefit based sustainable business partnerships.

Thanks to successful business partners, IAS offers solutions and services to meet the localization needs. While bringing together market know-how and experience of business partners via IPC - IAS Partner Community Program, the goal of IAS is to establish long-term relationships by constantly fostering the competitive skills through trainings and workshops in collaboration with business partners.

Our Services

Advantages of Canias

Canias Technologies offers all technologies used with Industry 4.0 under one structure. You can offer integrated solutions to your customers with a single software.


Respond to your customers' needs with a fully integrated solution.


Introduce your customers to Industry 4.0 technologies.

Big Data

Manage big data with affordable cost and high performance.


Offer freedom of movement with a platform-independent development environment.

IBA Education Support

Experienced IBA instructors provide regular training support to partners.

A Profitable Income Model

We grew 35 percent in 2020! You can join the rapidly growing IAS family.

Customers of Any Scale

Canias Technologies can be adapted to companies of all sizes.

Sector Independent

Flexible, integrated and proactive technologies of Canias offer industry-independent solutions.

Fast and Agile

With our Agile Project method, you can produce fast and effective solutions in consultancy processes.

Freedom of Movement

With its location independent structure, its own database and software development platform, Canias offers freedom of movement.

Supporting IAS Partners

Easily adapt to the system with the support we offer

Training and Certificates

After the IBA trainings, you will have experience in six main topics within the scope of "caniasERP Consulting Certification Management System":

Logistics (Supply Chain Management)
Production & Automation
Human Resources
Troia & IasDB & Infrastructure
Project, E-Transformation Processes

IAS provides all the information you may need about Canias Technologies in detailed documents with different language options:

Detailed help documents
Documents of more than 2000 processes
Visual narration, video recordings
Project or sector-based fast document generation infrastructure
Turkish, English and German language options.
myCanias Partner Portal Application

myCanias Partner Portal allows you to easily manage your work. Some advantages offered by your private portal:

Software update tracking
Suggestion for improvement and follow-up of the product
Consulting experts on projects
Access to current document, video library and training videos
Current information tracking
Technical support

Experienced team of IAS is always with you! You can get support from experienced IAS consultants in your first two projects:

Opportunity to improve yourself and your employees
Implementation support for new business partners in the first two projects
Software localization support for your customers in different countries
Translation support for your foreign customers
Easy adaptation possibility

We are with you with our experience

Become a member of the fast growing IAS family

We are with you with our Canias technology and 30 years of global experience. Be our partner to provide flexible, integrated, customizable technology solutions to your customers. We evaluate your level of partnership; Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinium

Be our partner!

Be our partner to get advantage of Canias and join the IAS family.
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Complex projects in various industries makes us a strong partner for your industry 4.0 projects.

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About Us

Canias is a solution of the IAS. With our wealth of experience and the continuously developed technology we are an international and intersectoral acting service partner.

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