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Product Information Form: You can define informations such as color, cylinder direction, printing type, bobbin types etc.. that are required for production and creating an offer. You can create the master data needed by the ERP system with a single click, and you can easily manage the information flow from the offer process to the shipment process.

Cylinder and Printing Block Tracking: You can track the life cycle of cylinders and printing blocks to be used in production. For gravures and printing blocks, you can create purchase orders according to PIF’s (Product Information Forms), follow up the stocks and distribute them to the product cost.

Costing: You can calculate the estimated cost while creating an offer according to the informations defined in the PIF. You can determine your pricing processes according to your estimated cost and report the deviations between the estimated cost and the actual cost.

Combined Production: You can produce different products with the same colors with a single production order. It provides a more effective production method for low quantity orders. In this way, you save on the cost of getting additional cylinders.

Revision and Change Management - Technical Specifications: You can control the change requests from the customer with the product information form revision processes and technical specification definitions.

Barcode Labeling and Traceability: By using the barcode labeling processes that you will apply on your purchased and produced materials, you gain end-to-end traceability and you can perform effective warehouse management.

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Our special solutions – Packaging Industry

canias4.0's flexibility enables efficient management of all processes in film production, printed / unprinted packaging production, rotogravure printing roller production and processing, and other packaging-industry-specific processes. Many processes, such as productivity monitoring, UBF, shelf-life material, preliminary cost study, intensive information entry requirement in ERP, joint management, combined production management, dispensing production, synchronization after theoretical consumption, plate-cylinder management, integrated execution of business processes with UBF, production confirmation screens, scale integrations such as coil direction, color management, curing management, can be performed.

Product information form (PIF)

Since customer-specific productions are made in the packaging industry, each new request for proposal is opened as a new UBF. The product structure must be registered in order to run a preliminary cost in ERP processes. These records can be easily and quickly created in the system using the canias4.0 packaging solution. Due to UBF management, processes can be followed in detail with BPM while creating UBF, and bottleneck points in the process can be identified. With revision follow-ups, you can keep track of changes in customer needs. You can keep order-specific changes under control with the technical specification structure. You can easily control the flow of information from the offer to the shipping process. With a single click, you can automatically create basic data management such as caniasERP material cards and product recipes. You can manage colors and follow up on ink formulas. You can follow the cylinder/cliche supply processes and transfer them to planning. All technical details, such as printing type, direction, and paste type, can be saved, and transferred to production. You can produce and track multiple products at the same time in combined production facilities.

Print administration

In printed packaging production, there are numerous technical details such as Pantone colors, plates, needle angle, and photocell opening. canias4.0 allows you to monitor the preparation of the cylinders prior to printing as well as their maintenance afterward. You can choose the right materials and avoid mistakes by using the selected technical details. You can track the joint and avoid quality issues. Technical specifications and information from UBF can be viewed on canias4.0 screens while in operation, and you can also send directly to machines using the canias4.0 IoT solution to avoid errors.

Calculation of product components and production time 

Product component lists, the density of films, solvent, ink, glue, lacquer, and cold seal calculations can be easily performed using the information and template structures entered on UBF. By communicating the working parameters to the production equipment via automation, you can avoid errors. You can receive production approvals by talking directly to the devices in production and you can give real-time productivity monitoring with the canias4.0 IoT solution. You may trigger the maintenance process and guarantee that the enhanced productivity is kept under control by getting information from the machines such as vibration, temperature, or malfunction stops. Thanks to specific job approval screens, you can enable operators to see the information they need and offer approval with the least amount of information they need to submit in printing, laminating, slitting, and packaging.

Inventory tracking and traceability

With its product traceability features, canias4.0 shows you the entire process in a single click, from the raw material you purchased to the product shipment. The raw materials utilized in the product, as well as the order information from which they were obtained, the production process information, and the individuals who performed the operation, can all be tracked using canias4.0. You may rapidly review the product history for products that are being submitted to the Customer Feedback Management system, and if there is a problem with the material used, you can prohibit other products from being sent to customers, increasing customer satisfaction. Using canias4.0 IoT, you can also integrate scales and receive measurement data automatically rather than manually entering it.


The material codes are created by the smart coding mechanism in the canias4.0 standard infrastructure, in conjunction with the packaging solution, based on the information given in UBF. You can print barcode/label designs that are unique to your organization or customers using the canias4.0 barcoding infrastructure. All materials utilized in stock management, such as raw materials, packaging materials, products, semi-finished products, and pallets, are managed with barcode labels to prevent improper material use and shipping.

Cutting and its combinations

canias4.0 streamlines the cutting process for both unprinted and printed products. One can easily handle different order sizes of jumbo packs or rolling rolls. It is possible to calculate theoretical quantities for printed products based on the order, adjust the logic during slitting based on the light barrier width, and label the baby bobbins with the lot number in the correct order as they exit the machine, ensuring effective traceability.

Vertical integration with customers and suppliers

You may have complete control over the supply chain with canias4.0. A cylinder/plate processing provider, for example, can log in to the supplier portal and track the cars associated with the registration number, print your company's label, and ship the product to you ready to accept. You may save time and money by integrating documents like orders and waybills with both your customers and suppliers via EDI.

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