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Specific and focused:
Our tailor-made solution for Industrial Manufacturing

  • Project management
  • Time tracking in projects
  • Scheduling
  • Project accounting
  • Integrated email function
  • Pre-, concurrent, and post-project calculation in project management
  • e-Document management
  • Qualification management
  • Payment control in project management
  • Integration with all modules
  • Service management
  • Quotation calculation
  • Workflow management
  • Change management
  • Integration with CAD / PDM systems
  • Growing bill of materials
  • Spare parts management
  • Product records
  • Extended workbench
  • Mobile job control
  • Batch/serial number management
  • Quality management

Quotation Calculation: 
Companies in the machinery and plant engineering industry often face the challenge of writing a quote to a customer without maintaining the necessary master data in the ERP system, including the article master data, bill of materials, or work plan. This information is indispensable for cost calculation. In this case, caniasERP provides a product configurator that allows flexible structures to be built up and evaluated freely or rule-based. If your customer confirms the quote, the necessary master data (article master data, bill of materials, work plan) can be automatically created. This allows you to maintain the master data more targeted, avoid unnecessary data in the system, and make your pre-calculation flexible.

CAD Integration: 
To minimize manual data entry, CAD systems can be integrated into caniasERP, accelerating and streamlining the calculation described above. In the case of creating a quote with an integrated CAD system, the necessary data from the CAD system is transferred to the calculation. Regardless of the CAD integration, you can also represent growing bills of materials and article versions in caniasERP.

Workflow Management: 
The integrated workflow management allows you to define any processes and behavioral rules in caniasERP. For example, a change in the drawing in the CAD system would result in a change in the pre-calculation information. A workflow could be activated here that informs the relevant group of people and requires that the pre-calculation be reviewed again.

Project management: 
The data from the pre-calculation can be transferred to production or directly to project management later in the process. Plant construction involves not only manufacturing the plant, but also many steps before or after such as site inspection, change management, obtaining approvals and permits, installation of the plant, commissioning, etc. Therefore, it may be useful to consider and evaluate the process as a whole, and our project management module can help you with this: here you can create a Gantt chart of the project's timeline, define dependencies, create a running calculation, perform baseline analyses, define payment schedules and much more. Since the project number is present in all areas of caniasERP, you can also allocate all activities to projects. This can include orders, sales orders, production orders, entries in financial accounting, documents, emails, activities, etc. This way, you can consolidate all relevant data under the project number and always have an overview. In conjunction with our financial accounting module, you can also analyze the project's cash flow: when are payments for this project expected? When do we have to pay in advance? When does the project reach a profitable area? 

Quality management: 
Both the plant and parts of the plant are often subjected to quality inspections. In caniasERP, you can plan and carry out these inspections using the quality management module. This module provides you with not only the inspection plan and the inspection order, but also a 4D/8D report, FMEA analysis and supplier evaluation. At the end of your process, you can document all relevant inspections and approvals and assign them to the plant. 

Service management: 
Normally, a plant is assigned a serial number. This is used in caniasERP to document the entire life cycle of the plant. For example, you can see which service orders have already been carried out for this plant, when the next service is due, which parts have been replaced, how long the warranty for the plant (or parts of the plant) still applies or which documents are assigned. Through the service contracts, you can also offer your customers special conditions for servicing the plant. If you also capture the geocoordinates during the installation of the plant, you can also see directly in caniasERP on a map, at which locations your plants are located via Google. This makes it easier for your service technicians to plan the service cases.

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