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• With Change Management, product changes can be easily tracked and monitored retrospectively.

• With Mobile Barcode management, products, packages and pallets are tracked accurately.

• The process from entering the order to the delivery to the customer is planned in the system, monitored with reports and customer satisfaction is increased with on-time delivery.

• canias4.0 Issue Management - With the ISM module, customer complaints and suggestions are collected centrally through the dealer or customer service channel.

• With the Inter-Company concept, the sales documents created by dealers are automatically collected at the center.

Sectoral Solutions with caniasERP
Our special solution for you – Furniture Industry

High-quality, traceable, and efficient production plays a key role in the branding activities of companies carrying on business in furniture industry. Management of seasonally changing catalogues, easy adaptation of pricing strategies into the system, management of the sales schedule, promotions, connections, and services, planning of regional shipping as well as after-sales services have a critical role in the industry. In dealer management, main manufacturer needs for central collection of information and immediate feedback over a dealer portal, whether it be in form of a sub-agent or a franchise. System decision support mechanisms are needed in every stage of the industry that has a large product portfolio. As canias4.0 Technologies, we understand your industrial needs and we have prepared a customized Furniture Industry Solution for you. Our solutions are integrated with canias4.0 to allow you to attain several standards that are globally accepted.

Product and Catalog Management
Special tools are required for tracking and managing seasonal product varieties in furniture industry. In special cases, products are presented as a set, module, package or SSH, where canias4.0 comes into play by facilitating purchase order and stock tracking at all levels. Optional features such as main fabric and cushions color options, body type and pillar color can be easily defined for providing customers with a wide range of furniture products. Pre-set configurations further support the effectiveness of store sales. As for wardrobes, beds and units, a quote can be swiftly created by entering the sizes required by the customer and estimating prices. In addition, features like class-based PVC, wallboard and sponge for all product groups are easily accessible in product search, manufacturing and stock management. Product configuration allows for new product designs and changes in current product designs through definition of material cards, product trees and paths on a single display.

Sales Management
Our industry-specific solution allows stores and dealers to smoothly create purchase orders easily, using tablets to make selection with the help of product visuals. Customers may be guided on how to change product visuals based on color options before taking their confirmation. Several restrictions may be defined on product options to allow for selection among the pre-defined combinations only. Product set concept allows for collective update in different options including color and fabric to prevent any faulty purchase orders. Sales can be traced from the manufacturing up to the installation stage on project basis in cooperation with project management team. Company evaluation periods can be determined for sales objectives. Attainment of pre-defined objectives can be instantly monitored. Sales process may be defined on objectives, dealer, sales representative and product group basis.

Contract and Campaign Management 
Contracts executed with dealers may be defined and monitored on the system through a wide range of options. The system finds the appropriate contract for the relevant product sale and the contract may be replaced with another appropriate contract. The scope of contract may be defined for product groups and promotions etc. Dynamic price lists may be defined for different payment types and other conditions and may be changed during purchase orders, to the extent allowed. Price changes may be defined according to optional product features.
Promotions may be swiftly defined, and they should be instantly applicable. Promotion Management may be used to define the conditions of promotion as well as promotional products and gains, and the gains may be analyzed through promotion reports. 

Dealer Portal
canias4.0 Furniture Industry Solution allows for dealer management under the central management system. Whether it be a sub-agent or a franchise, it is easy to gather subsidiaries and the head office under a single roof. Product catalogs can be swiftly integrated into the system of dealers thanks to the main data integration. Likewise, customer information collected by dealers can be monitored by the head office with all relevant actions. Thanks to the Inter-Company concept, sales documents issued by dealers are automatically collected at the head office. Dealers can use the dealer portal display to manage information about their customers as well as their own sales, orders and stock processes from a single center. Moreover, they can monitor the delivery status of their sales orders.
canias4.0 Customer Relations Management - CRM infrastructure allows dealers to gather customer experiences at the head office and allows customers to get the best service no matter which dealer/sub-agent they refer to. 

After-Sales Services
canias4.0 Troubleshooting - ISM module allows for gathering customer complaints and suggestions at the head office through a dealer or through the customer services channel. Product, dealer, region or customer-related feedbacks are assessed and analyzed. CRM customer relations management system allows for the planning of necessary actions in cooperation with the customers and monitoring of these actions on the system. Thus, customer feedback such as complaints or suggestions are smoothly monitored on the system with all the details.
canias4.0 Service Management - SRV module allows for the management of the after-sales process that starts with installation and continues with the creation of service records and appointment of tasks to relevant teams based on customer feedback. Onsite support services allow for swift and smooth performance of actions such as submission of quotes and demands for SSH spare parts with the help of product visuals. Mobile service allows service teams to perform tasks swiftly in coordination with the head office. Product warranty periods are centrally monitored, and automatic warnings may be initiated for cases that are not included in warranty. 

Planning starts with the Material Requirement Planning - MRP process upon placement of an order and the user is provided with necessary plans. Capacity Planning - CAP allows for optimization of production resources so that products are made ready as planned regarding the dates promised to the customers or the dates determined for stock production. 
Transport Planning - TRP module allows for smooth planning transport of goods, whether it be a modular furniture or furniture set. Vehicle planning allows for the planning of vehicle capacity and management of the requests of transport considering loading priorities. BPM module allows for submission of requests to the approval of the relevant managers and other persons in charge. BPM module carries out tasks pending approval and approval status through automatic e-mail notifications based on approval hierarchy.
All these systems allow for the planning of all processes from order placement to customer delivery, monitoring of the system through reports and improvement of customer satisfaction thanks to timely delivery. 

•    Change Management allows for easy monitoring of product replacements including past actions. 
•    Mobile Barcode planning allows for smooth tracking of products, packages, and palettes. 


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