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• Capacity planning

• Product configuration/costing

• Surcharge calculation

• By-products

• Variant management

• IoT

• Formula-based determination of gross weights

• Batches and batch tracking

• Batch properties - supporting melt composition

• Product pre-costing and and post calculation

• Class list of characteristics

• Customizable units

• Tool management

• Quality management

• Cost determination for melt composition

Specific and focused:
Our tailor-made solution for foundries

Taking into account specialized terms from the metal industry, manufacturing, and foundries: Foundries have specific requirements for an ERP system - our caniasERP is based on long-term experience and offers extensive functionality for foundries:

Calculation: In the sales process, it is not always possible to rely on a standard product for customer offers and there are uncertainties regarding the calculation basis. Depending on how your product structure is set up, caniasERP offers the option of working with the integrated variant management or with the product configurator. This gives you the advantage of already knowing the costs of manufacturing the product during configuration. You do not have to enter any article master data, bill of materials, or work plans in the system yet. Only when the customer confirms the order, will the respective master data be automatically created based on the configuration.

Material management: Foundries use a variety of materials, including metals, tools and molds, which must be available at the right time and place. Once the order is entered into caniasERP, the planning process takes over, calculates all relevant needs and forwards them to the relevant departments, resulting in purchase and production orders.

Production planning and control: Foundries must be able to quickly and flexibly adapt their production to changing requirements. Additionally, caniasERP helps you with the planning and scheduling of production orders by grouping orders with the same melting requirements. You can either schedule orders individually or generate a batch production order. In either case, the allocation to the customer order is maintained. You can optimize the transition between different melts by using set-up matrices to reduce lead times. By-products that are generated during production can also be assigned to individual production orders, providing more accurate values for post-costing.

Batch information and batch tracking: In caniasERP, batches are not simply numbers to be managed, but you can assign any properties to them for further use, such as chemical properties that help you with alloy composition and selecting the right components. Determining raw weights is also important to ensure enough melt is prepared. The integrated tool management helps you with planning, maintenance, and amortization calculations of tools. Of course, caniasERP also supports the depiction of extended workbench processes, keeping your inventory with suppliers under control.

Tool Management: The integrated tool management helps you with planning, maintenance, and depreciation calculation of tools. During maintenance planning, you can make the maintenance time point dependent on time intervals, output amounts, or the quality of the produced products.

External Processes: Of course, caniasERP supports the representation of processes of the extended workbench, where you always have control over your stock with the suppliers. The process can be started based on configuration from the production order (via the work plan) or through an order with provision. The inventory at the supplier is managed and monitored through materials management.

Quality Management: Foundries must ensure that their products meet the requirements of their customers. The entire process is accompanied by the integrated quality management, so you always have control over your processes. 4D/8D report, process capability analysis, and integrated FMEA complete your quality management with canias4.0.

IoT: caniasERP is complemented by our IoT products, allowing you to directly connect your equipment to canias4.0 and read and process information from the equipment. Values such as temperature, dew points, and energy consumption are common parameters. These can later be incorporated into specific test reports with data obtained from quality assurance.

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