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• With the Product Data Sheet (UBF) you can control all information about your models (fashion plates?) in one place.

• With the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, you can track all your customer activities in an integrated manner while you can perform order creation processes simply and quickly with the sector-specific order application.

• canias4.0 Garment/Ready to Wear Sector Solution, together with the CAL - Standard Cost module, calculates the preliminary cost with the information you enter on the UBF in the scheme detail you want.

• With industry-specific order tracking, you can identify points that may cause delays in your orders in advance and take precautions.

• With Rough Capacity Planning, you can monitor the current loads of your contract suppliers and perform load balancing.

• Critical Path (CP) tracking is carried out under the project that is automatically opened from the project templates created according to your needs.

Sectoral Solutions with caniasERP
Our special solution for you – fabrication Industry

The Garment / Ready-Made Clothing sector is experiencing rapid change. The fact that there are so many product variations and details add to the difficulty of planning and following up on the activity. Of course, in a sector with such rapid dynamism, there are also difficult competitive circumstances. Intelligent planning is necessary, especially if cost savings and on-time delivery are to be realized. Companies should carry out their other activities in tandem with all these cost-planning processes in order to be sustainable. canias4.0 understands your industry requirements... We have specially prepared the Garment / Ready-Made Clothing Sectoral Solution for you. While this solution provides an integrated solution with canias4.0, it also allows you to meet a number of internationally recognized standards. 

Product Information Form (PIF) 
The Product Information Form (PIF) allows you to manage all information about your products in one source. With this structure, where you can also follow the catalog/creations, you can follow all the information on the product's color and size variety. Under PIF, you may also describe the manufacturing of textiles that will be used in model production and transfer specifics about the production steps to planning. In the PIF, you can define categories such as main, garni, and elastic as fabric, as well as specify accessory and supplier options, parts manufactured under it, and operation relations. You can establish the basic data that an ERP system will require in a quite easy and rapid manner by selecting the operations that it will perform quickly from a preset list. Model balance allows you to keep track of all the detail times and operations improvements. You can upload product images and have them displayed at the appropriate points, as well as minimize errors. You can keep the size chart that you develop or get from your customer in PIF and access it from a single location in the cutting and quality control procedures. You may easily monitor the revision or RPT follow-ups for all of these. 

Sales Management
You can follow all your customers' activities in one place thanks to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, and you can create orders quickly and easily with a sector-specific order application. You can easily define information such as nation, size, height, and color using various features in the canias4.0 infrastructure, and you can enter your order in a simple and intelligible method owing to the matrix entry support. You may easily organize order entries with or without assortment, set a specific packaging type for each, assign common or different prices, and use waste templates to automate waste estimates based on circumstances. You can also make product revisions based on country or order, as well as provide unique order requirements. You can adjust the materials and accessories on a country-by-country basis, as well as specify the usage of different label designs. With BPM - Business Procedures, you may produce up-to-date preliminary cost calculations, keep the differences under control, and ensure that the order is accepted following the necessary approvals. You can save all the documents included with the order to the DOC - Document Management system and guarantee that they reach the required points. Through the same solution, you can effortlessly handle your order types and follow-ups such as sample, size-set, PPS, and FIT. 

Quotation and Price 
When your customers request a quotation, it is critical that you answer swiftly if you are performing Private Label / Contract manufacturing. Retaining your competitive price advantage is crucial for maintaining your market presence at this speed. canias4.0 Apparel / Apparel Industry Solution, in conjunction with the CAL - Standard Cost module, calculates the preliminary cost using the information you have provided on the UBF in the detail of the scheme you desire. It determines the preliminary cost of the order's changing conditions and final details with a single click. As a result, you will not relinquish control in the face of changing circumstances. Thanks to the comparison charts in the PRC – Production Cost Management module, you can compute the real cost and do preliminary cost-actual cost comparisons. In the comparative reports, you may go down to the specifics of your cost components, such as accessories, fabric, cutting, and sewing, and quickly and simply pinpoint the source of the discrepancy. These reporting details can be used to analyze client profitability, order profitability, and product profitability. 

It immediately brings the appropriate plans for the operations after the order with canias4.0 Apparel/Apparel Industry Solution and MRP – Material Requirements Planning module infrastructure. You can also start your purchase requests by considering stock comparisons and potential uses for fabrics and accessories. With the CAP – Capacity Planning module, you can quickly monitor the internal operations and loads, anticipate capacity exceedances, and easily outsource the plans. You can discover the spots that may cause delays in your orders and take measures with sector-specific order tracking. You can track the present loads of your subcontractors and perform load balancing with Rough Capacity Planning. 

Production Management 
The procedure begins with MRP-Material Requirements Planning by transforming the automatically opened manufacturing plans into work orders. The processes of sending the required data to the field, gathering approval from the field, and following up on the production process are completed completely. The Ready-to-Wear solution simplifies the process of defining the required information from a single source and transmitting it to the appropriate locations. Floor plans and fabric lot tracking in cutting operations, simple approvals in sewing and packaging processes via the assortment matrix, and simple and rapid entry of consumed components or accessories via the matrix are just a few of the Garment/ Ready-Made Clothing Solution's benefits! It enables you to gather information from the field in any situation by providing quick and easy entry methods customized to tablet, kiosk, or mobile application interfaces. 

Contract Management 
canias4.0 standard Contract management processes round out a critical component of the Apparel / Apparel Sectoral solution. While the system is opening subcontracting requests, you can make a supplier decision and open subcontractor orders from a single firm or by dividing them into multiple companies. You may simply transport accessories, textiles, or parts to your contract suppliers while also tracking your supplier warehouse on the system. You can easily accept incoming supplies and orders. You can use the Supplier Portal to request quotes from your contract suppliers, obtain information about their production situations, and have them print your labels. As a result, when the products arrive in your warehouse, you may enter them quickly and easily, increasing warehouse productivity. 

Critical Path (CP)
Every order you create in canias4.0 PRJ – Project Management is automatically defined as a project. The Critical Path (CP) is followed under the project, which is automatically opened from the project templates prepared for your requirements. The steps on the CP can be executed automatically in processes that are created, purchased, or approved on BPM - Business Procedures. With the project perspective, you can track the status of all your company's orders using project management, and you may assign tasks to be completed as a process.


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