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iasDB is an advanced database management system optimized for handling big data and ERP processes. It also supports handling of object oriented data. An enhanced version of well known, proven and widely used database engine PostgreSQL is utilized at the core of iasDB. In addition to all the features of PostgreSQL, iasDB provides many more advanced features for Canias and the other applications.

It provides businesses with the resources and expertise to safely deploy large-scale and highly available enterprise information systems. iasDB is available for customers and includes special features that focus on performance and operational reliability. iasDB database is highly efficient and fully compatible with all Canias products.

The iasDB, which is fully adapted to future developments of Canias in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, has an architecture that will support the development of Canias technology in line with the latest developments in the ERP world.

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High performance

iasDB is designed for the purpose of supporting Canias technology products in order to increase the performance of all Canias products. Thus, users reach the highest performance through their digital transformation accordingly.

Easy and fast installation

iasDB offers an installer for Windows systems that makes the installation process easier and faster. In Linux environments, it is also easy to install using package managers.

Customizable according to your requirements

Offering great support for a slightly wider variety of languages to customize iasDB by developing plugins or functions to make iasDB fit your requirements.

Cost Effective

Leveraging iasDB in caniasERP platform offers significant cost savings compared to other databases while keeping up high quality standards.


iasDB security implements the authorization, authentication, and data encryption aspects and provides several authentication methods. Also, it provides security levels on all database objects including the database itself, schemas, tables, views, function, columns, and rows.

Supports numerous features

iasDB supports a lot of features of SQL like Complex SQL queries,
Foreign keys, Stored Procedures, Trigger, Views, Transactions, Multi-version concurrency control (MVCC),
Streaming Replication, Hot Standby.

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Compatible with various operating systems

iasDB runs on all major operating systems such as Linux, UNIX (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Mac OS X, Solaris, Tru64), and Windows etc.

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Supports many data types

iasDB supports JSON, geospatial, XML, key-value, or most other structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data such as text, images, sounds, and videos.

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Increased index performance

The following features help speed up scans even when aggregating many rows, on searching text containing locale specific characters.

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Fully ACID compatible

iasDB prevents data corruption and preserves the integrity of data at the transactional level.

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Object-oriented and ANSI-SQL2008 compatible

Our iasDB is an object- oriented management system and compatible with ANSI-SQL 2008 and supports also a large part of the SQL standard

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Procedural Languages Support

iasDB supports four standard procedural languages, which allows the users to write their own code in any of the languages and it can be executed by IASDB database server.

Performance and high availability

For most applications, data is a critical commodity. Storing data in one place is a risky proposition, so you need to have a strategy and a plan in place to ensure that you can recover from a failure as quickly as possible.

iasDB, offers various ways to archive and replicate the primary database for backup, high- availability, and load balancing scenarios.

Both Streaming Replication and Logical Replication methods are supported.
You can use synchronous and synchronous replication according to your requirements.
Single master and multi-master cluster solutions are available.
With logical replication you can get benefit of object based replication instead of byte-to-byte replication between the same or different installations and versions of iasDB.
With several partitioning and sharding options you can increase the performance significantly, while distributing the risk.
Zero downtime maintenance and upgrades are possible with enhanced load balancing and clustering options.
Logical backup, physical backup and Point-in-Time Recovery options are available to keep your data safe.

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Connecting element

With Big Data, IoT and ERP can be easily linked

Infinite possibilities

Big Data offers a wide range of integration options for processes.

Useful tools

With the right tools, data can be measured and analyzed.

Promoting automation

Processes can be simplified through appropriate automation.

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